Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chopping Wood and Eating Strawberries

The snow wrecked many a trees. The poor little limbs couldn't handle the weight of the snow, so down they went.  So when we went over to Gramma's to play, there was wood to cut and move to the log pile.  Gramma and I were so glad there was stuff to do outside and Papa was home because it was cold and Jude REALLY wanted to play. Hey, in the eyes of a child, even chores can be fun. Jude and Papa set out to tackle the task at hand. In the end, the limbs were cut, logs and limbs were moved, Jude had fun and Papa even gave him $1.00 for all his hard work! We're putting the money in a jar that we are adding to weekly for our summer family vacation with the Jeters!

On another note, let's talk strawberries. How do you eat them?  Do you cut the tops of first? Do you hold onto the green tops and eat til you reach it? Well, I usually cut the green top off and put it on the boys' plates for them to eat. But yesterday I was in a hurry and Liam was really hungry so I just gave him the whole strawberry. He was doing great holding onto the green top and eating the sweet dark red tip first. Red was drooling all down hi chin.  I sat down to eat my sandwich as Liam continued to chomp on the strawberry.  I asked, "is it yummy?" He nodded yes. I look down at my late and then back at Liam and the strawberry is gone.  The whole thing!  I look at the plate and ground...no strawberry.  Liam had eaten the whole thing - green leafy part and all!  I was laughing so hard and he just looked at me like, "what?" I guess a little roughage never hurt anyone right?  He didn't complain about the taste at all...just "gulp!" And it was gone.  Maybe that part is tasty after all?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow, Snow and more Snow

We got more snow last week than ever recorded in the history of Dallas, Texas. The boys loved it and we did too until the power went out for three days and sent us packing to Arlington.

This was just the first bit of it and Liam's feet are still covered!

Jude rockin' his home-made "snowboots" before our snowball fight!  We had so much fun!

Painting and Cleaning

I had this big idea to do a paint project with the boys for Valentine's Day for their Daddy.  This is what happens when you try to give two boys paint, brushes and paper and then go off to clean.  What was I thinking?

Jude apologized after accidentally running into the Liam.  Nice hand print on the forehead huh?

I finally got them all clean and the paint out of Liam's hair.  You might be asking yourself... "Did Adam like his gift?" I don't know. The power went out because of the snow storm and we haven't finished it yet. Ugghh, snow sure knows how to kill the romance!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Calling all Grandmas!

We need yarn for some of our craft projects.  If you have any scraps lying around the house, we'd love to have them sent our way!  Thanks!

The Making of Cupcakes

January 31st is a busy day for the Clarke family. Two birthdays - Heather and Dad!  This made Jude so happy.  We knew what we wanted to do for them right away - make cupcakes and sing too, but the cupcakes were first on the list!

Jude was excited to make them, but the real excitement came in the taste test.  We had to make sure it tasted good and they weren't poisonous, right? Jude wasn't the only one that was excited!  Liam nearly exploded with joy at the mention of cupcakes.  Really any mention of any food with sugar has that effect on him.

As you can see above, Liam was so anxious to eat the cupcake I couldn't get a shot of him that wasn't blurry!  The blue plate was Liam's, the yellow was Jude's.  I'm pretty sure that Jude licked his plate clean.  The remaining little crumbs on the plate crack me up because the make a face on the plate that reads, "oh no! no more cupcake!  Reminds me of the latte spill that Julia had!

We Love Mail

We started a little project with Grandma Pat that I think we'll start with the Iowa Fish too. Jude writes down what he does for the week (we're practicing writing our letters) and draws a few pictures.  Then we mailed it off to Grandma Pat for her to read and write down what she does for a week. The booklet then goes back and forth! It's a great way to stay in touch and a great way for Jude to practice writing!  I bought some more little booklets for Valentine's Day gifts.  So that we can do this with everyone in Iowa! Be on the lookout!

We got our package back from Grandma Pat and much to our surprise, it had a Valentine's gift inside along with the notebook!

The streamers were put up right away where everyone could enjoy them...in the playroom!

Thanks Grandma Pat!