Thursday, May 28, 2009

Texas Rangers

Daddy and Jude went to the ball game with Atwood and Jamesy.  The boys got home around 11:00.  The game was delayed due to rain, but they hung in there as long as they could to see a little of the game.  It's reported that they saw a triple and something else, but I can't remember.  I must confess I don't like baseball unless it is in Boston watching the Sox.  However, Josh Hamilton and the Rangers actually winning some may change all of that. Check out these photos and their seats...WOW!


Rule number one when trying to manage a blog for preservation and family updating - ALWAYS bring your camera with you.  When I started this blog I thought I would surely do that, but wouldn't you know, yesterday Liam swam in a pool for the first time and I had no camera on hand.  Neither did Gramma.  Darn it!  He loved the water so much, he could have cared less about my being there.  We put him in a little floaty thing and he just walked all around the kiddie pool.  Jude pushed him around for a while and he loved that too.  I just kicked back and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Ah the joys of having two boys that can entertain one another! 

We have decided to make swimming at Gramma's a weekly ritual; so next week I will remember to bring my camera!!!  Stay tuned for photos.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Aunt Sister loves to shop garage sales.  The best part about it is that we get some pretty good loot. A couple of years ago she got us this puzzle box with a ton of puzzles.  Jude is very into puzzles right now and I so wanted to put the box in the playroom, but let's face it...the box is ugly.
However, a little paper and mod podge can transform even the ugliest of ducklings. While we were in Iowa I saw this awesome paper stack with amazing prints.  I didn't purchase it because we are on a tight budget right now. Boo!  But last week I got a package from Julia for me and the boys.  Inside was the paper stack, among other things.  Thank you Julia! Above is the lovely puzzle box now residing in it's new home - the playroom! Yea!

The Day's Events...

Watermark's Women's Biblestudy held a lunch and "concert" for the attendees of the study last Wednesday.  We were honored to have Gramma come along.  Jude sang with all of the 3 and 4 year olds in the program.  It was so cute and amazing.  Jude is learning more scripture than me.  i am grateful for the church and his teachers.  They have done an amazing job!  Thanks Miss Amy and Miss Melissa!
When we got home the boys ate lunch and Liam got filthy.  So, we dragged him into the bathroom to get him clean.  Let's just say that Gramma lets the boys do a LOT of stuff Mommy never would!  The sink was filled with water and Liam had his own little pool.  Splash, splash, splash.  he had so much fun playing in the water.  Jude loved watching and laughing.

The best part is that Liam learned how to turn the water on and off.  He and Gramma did this again and again and again.  Afterward, I was forced to give Gramma the bad news, "you know you're helping me clean this up, right?" Ha ha ha.  It wasn't really that bad of a clean up job though and I must admit, when Summer gets unbearably hot, I'm turning on the water in the sink AND the tub!

Graham Crackers in the Kitchen

Liam's first taste of graham cracker cookies was a total hit.  Go figure.  Jude wanted to play and Liam was all business.
Liam: "dude, you ate ALL the cookies already?  I only got two ya know!"
Jude: "hey, that's mine!"
Kids will be kids.  Luckily Jude loves his brother more than anything in the world.  However, that does NOT mean he can take Jude's toys.  Let's get real people.

Hangin' at Gramma's

Time flies.  Liam is almost a year old and Jude is almost four! I love my boys.
Can I get a smile?  Just one smile please!  Always so serious, but with SO much to say.  Liam "talks" all the time.

The Cut!

This is the remains of THE CUT!
This is the after shot.  He looks so old now I can hardly stand it.  Boo hoo.
This is what we started with!  Boy, Jude sure does have a lot of hair...I mean, he used to have a lot of hair.

Daddy, the Photographer!

A couple of weeks ago, we were all playing around in Jude's bedroom, just being silly. Thankfully, Daddy is excited about photography again and has begun to take more pictures. Above is what was captured around the house and recorded for prosperity! I love having a photographer as a husband.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Holy Haircut Batman!

With Summer right around the corner, Adam thought we should cut Jude's hair so he wouldn't pass out from a heat stroke.  So at my request, Karen chopped off his beautiful locks yesterday and I must admit it's pretty cute.  But, I am secretly shedding tears over what used to be.  I LOVE his long hair; it's so WAS so beautiful.  Adam keeps reminding me, "it's just hair! It will grow back."  And while I know this to be true, I still have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.
Jude loves it and says, "now I look like Daddy and Jamesy!"  I think he looks just plain grown up!  Oh gosh, my baby is getting so big.