Monday, May 31, 2010


I know. I've neglected this poor blog for a bit. There really is no excuse other than the fact that I have posted a few things about the boys (all three) on the other blog (Pure and Noble.)

This guy is turning 2 - 2! - in just a couple of days. Where did my baby go?

He even has facial hair! Ha ha ha! (Liam likes to eat cupcakes face first.)

This guy (the smaller one) is turning 5, just like it says on his shirt!

Jude also starts a new school (just for the summer) tomorrow and T-ball.  Both are with his best buddy James. We'll see if the friendship survives! Ha! The T-ball team is the Co-op Kangaroos. Jude is super excited about it.

The boys are officially settled into their "big boy" room. Jude sleeps on the top bunk, his choice, and Liam sleeps in his crib. It's working out pretty good. Only a few kinks to work out - Liam keeps Jude up late talking at night and Jude wakes Liam up in the morning. There is definitely a difference in personalities. Jude is such a lover and so sensitive. Oh, and a big pleaser.  Liam is a joker that loves breaking the rules. Lord, help me!

We went to a concert at the Arboretum today with some neighbors and had a blast.  It was a kids' singer and both boys danced and acted silly. Liam was dancing like a crazy man while Jude rolled down the hills. Adam and I watched dotingly and both admitted we are blessed beyond belief. Our boys are amazing! Liam's head was drenched about halfway into the event. It's only May and he sweats like a little pig. I can only imagine what August will bring. Ugghhh. We have been cooling off the past few days with a sprinkler and the kiddie pool that Gramma bought us last year. Liam loves to get in with his brother butt naked! I'm not gonna lie, I love it too.  They are so cute.

There's no telling what this Summer will bring. Lots of silliness and excitement I am sure. I am gonna try my best to cultivate the love of art this summer with fun crafts like the one we did above. Maybe we'll make mud pies, collect and paint rocks and do some watercolor with popsicles. Not sure. 

Maybe a little of this to kill some time...

Jude had on his Spidey costume and Liam attacked!

Spidey didn't stand a chance!

Whatever we end up doing, Summer is sure to bring more of this:

friends and popsicles
Easy Rider type outings (can't you see their rebellious spirits?!)

hot, sweaty days

miniature golf!
jam sessions with friends!

Here is to an exciting Summer adventure with two amazing boys!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's been a while...Sorry!

I thought I'd catch you up on things with us at the Fish house via images...

Not only is Liam a total ham, he's a true Texan too.  ha ha ha.  He had such a hard time getting those  boots on!  In the end, I had to  help him out. He's got some growing to do before he can walk in them!  Ha ha ha. Pudding: I gave Liam and Jude a treat, turned my back for a second and turned back around to find more on him than in his mouth!

Liam is also a dare devil. I am sure I will be a frequent customer of the ER with this one.  He was helping with the dishes the other day and while I turned my back to get the dishwashing soap, he got a knife out of the dishwasher and was licking it - sharp side.  I screamed in complete terror and then the three of us (me, Liam and Jude) began to cry as Daddy remained calm to make sure Liam still had his tongue and I had my wits about me.  Uggghhh...that was a tough one.  Don't get me started on how I had to run and get him out of the middle of the street the other day!

As for Jude - he's working on his soccer and basketball skillz and seems to be getting better everyday.  he LOVES sports and Bear Grylles and his Daddy and brother.  He has also been doing a lot of Big Wheel riding lately!

I don't have pictures of this for fear that the boys would fall into the water, but I took Jude, James and Liam fishing with Pop and Ma.  They had so much fun.  They caught 5 fish - kept 2 and 3 got away.

Liam has learned to chew gum without swallowing it.  He and Jude are definitely brothers!

lots of tears over this

It is with much joy and sadness that I share the photo above. We moved Liam's crib into Jude's room.  They love sharing a room.  All Liam did in his other room was sleep anyway. It makes me sad to think that all this baby stuff will be painted over and packed up. They grow up WAY too fast.  i love them both very much and blessed beyond all measure to be their Mommy!