Thursday, July 22, 2010

Everyone Poops...

But today - Liam went POOPie in the POTTY!  Wahoo!  I can't believe it.  He did it all on his own. His own idea. His own prompting and his own flushing!

This is big time people.  Really big time.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Eavesdropping and a Diaper Change

Rushing to Adam's aid tonight gave me the biggest gift ever and it's one that I hope I never forget - hence my writing it down here.  The boys (all three) were in the shower and Adam thought Liam wanted out. He didn't. On my "way out" Jude yells "mommy, I love you!" As I was picking up dirty clothes I overheard Adam say, " That was nice Jude." Jude replied, "I do. I lover her soooo much!" With the most sincere heart.  It brought tears to my eyes - literally!  Then Adam replied, "you should tell your Mommy that everyday you know that?! It means a lot to her. When you think it, you should say it." "Ok," said Jude.

WHAT?  I have THE best family in the world and am blessed beyond belief!

Diaper Change:
The other day I  was changing Liam's diaper and wiping his bottom. He said, "don't touch it!" I said, "touch what? Your bottom?" Then he said it. The funniest two words to complete that sentence... "my penis!" I laughed. HARD.  To which he replied with a big grin, "don't touch my penis!" Ahhh, boys. You gotta love 'em.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July

Jet Skis.
Hot dogs.
Late nights.
Birthday celebrations.

Really?  Does it get any better than that? I guess it could have been better if Liam didn't climb out of his pack-n-play three times the first night we were there! Uggghhh!  Oh well, we had a BLAST!

Racing in the Rain

What does a Mommy do when she has a headache and her husband has just phoned to say he has to work late?  Let the boys play in the rain! was a bit cold in the rain.

They got warmed up by running around in circles. I have video and tried to load it, but it didn't work! Sorry!
Here's big brother telling Liam how the race works. Liam got so hot he decided to shed his suit.

Even though these are blurry, I thought it should be noted that Jude got his first black eye. It actually looks great in these pics. It was much worse. He was running in the house, tripped on his toe and fell eye first on the floor. Only my kids...geeze, we're accident prone. xo

Summer Fun

Oh my goodness, I feel like we have been on vacation forever. First there was the beach and then Aunt Sister's lake house. Fun, fun, fun.

I'll do a post here about the beach to stay in chronological order.

Our lovely friends the Jeters asked us to go on vacation with them several months ago. We agreed and then BP's oil catastrophe hit and we didn't think we would be able to go. We played it by ear and decided at the last minute that it was an opportunity of a life time and one that we shouldn't pass up. So, we packed our bags (several of them) and headed for Alabama - Gulf Shores. There was a 10-12 hour drive ahead of us, but the excitement of the beach kept us all in good spirits.

The diaper change above looks sweet and loving until you see where it took place:

You gotta do what ya gotta do right? Adam was amazing. He drove almost the entire way there and back less the three hours that I put in. All  that and diaper changes too? What a man!

Once we got to the beach the boys were so excited.  The Jeters met us in the front of the hotel waving and smiling. Our first day on the beach was awesome.  Jude and Liam loved it.  Liam more so than Jude.

Liam waits for Daddy on the beach as Atwood and James test out the water.

Daddy and Liam play in the water and the sand. Adam would pull Liam up over the waves whenever a "big one" would come and they would both say, "here comes a big one!" So stinkin' cute!

I love this picture. It reminds me of the At&T adds, "more bars in more places."

BEST BUDDIES: Jude and James

One day was a little rainy and the Fish family needed a little outing of their own so we went to the main Gulf Shores strip and checked out the shops. We were swallowed up by a sharked and attacked by an octopus. YIKES!  After all the excitement we needed something to eat so we headed to the ice cream shop and had some of the best ice cream I've ever eaten. Afterward, Liam entertained us with dancing and climbing up on the table to eat some of his brother's shake!

The sunsets were amazing! One of the big things to do at night is go crabbin'. We put on our headlamps, grabbed our buckets and some popsicles and headed out for our adventure.

We caught a few crab. One of them was big enough to pinch the tar out of Adam's finger. ha ha ha. Atwood got so tickled at Liam because whenever we caught a crab he'd tell Atwood, "I wanna eat him!" and "We got one. We got one!"

Cricket and I enjoyed time by the beach with a margarita. And the boys enjoyed night swims at the pool. Whenever the tar balls (oil) were too bad on the beach, we swam!  Jude and James dove into the 3 foot end, swam all around and did canon balls and helicopters. Liam actually jumped in a TON, went under water a lot and began swimming back and forth between me and Adam. It was awesome.  He also enjoyed some time in the little pool with Grant. But most of his time with Grant was spent stealing his toys and yelling at Grant. He's got some discipline/obedience issues that his parents have to help him work out. 

On a different note, one day there was a purple warning flag on the beach that we didn't even notice. As I was going back to shore to get Liam's floatie, this super sweet woman told us that there had been shark sightings all day. She had one swim up close to her in fact. We got out of the water immediately and then found out that a guy a couple of "huts" down from us was stung by a stingray.  What?  FYI the purple flag means dangerous sea life in the waters. Swim at your own risk! Point noted and remembered forever!

The big guys built this awesome fort with the help of their mommies. The blue pillows in front were their pool. The loved it.

Overall, the trip was a HUGE success. We had a total blast. It was so neat to see how the boys reacted to  the ocean and it's many facets. God is amazing and wonderful. We are blessed beyond belief. And we're pretty convinced that our boys rock!  They did awesome in the car for 12 hours!  Wahoo...thank you DVD player and snacks.