Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meet Pinky Toe!

He is the newest member of our family.  His full name is Spider-man Pinky Toe Fish.  We call him Pinky Toe for short.  We were inspired by Aunt Anna to get a fish.  After meeting Joe the other night on our weekly ichat, we decided we should get a fish too.  Jude had accumulated 8 smiley faces for his various good deeds and rather than going to Chuck-E-Cheese, Jude got to get a pet!  We all love him.  
Adam took great videos of the Petco visit and selection of Pinky Toe.  Once the video is posted, I will provide a link so that everyone can experience it.  I have to be honest, it made me tear up.  I think it's mostly because I REALLY wanted to be there, but the day got away from us and the boys went to pick up Pinky Toe while I was meeting with my girls for Accountability.  The videos are funny and touching!

Another Update

Have you been wondering what happened to Papa Smurf?  Liam ate him!  Crayons have become everything they aren't suppose to be in our house.  They are food, swords and q-tips! Boys will be boys I guess.
Check out these moves!  Jude LOVES Ninja Warrior and has competitions all the time.  In order to be a true Ninja Warrior, one must be skilled in balancing, jumping, scaling walls and much more.  Jude climbs up the door frame from the kitchen to the living room and calls it the jumping spider.  Before he begins each obstacle coarse he starts with this, "My name is Jude Fish.  I'm 15 and I really hate to do this, but I am going to try my best."  Sometimes he is 15, sometimes he's 22 and once he's been 54!  Amazing.
Balance is a key component of being the best Ninja Warrior.  But don't go too slow or the clock will beat you...this is a timed event.
The Fishes and The Jeters met at the park the other day.  We had so much fun.  Jude and James rode their big boy bikes and the little ones got to swing!
Silly Faces!

The Boys

It's been a while since I've posted anything.  It's not that amazing things haven't happened, it's just that we've been super buys.  Jude is back at school, Liam is cruising all over the place but still not walking and we finally had our garage sale!  Here are some random pics of the boys - all three.  Liam is talking up a storm lately and is SO funny!  My Dad was right - he said that Liam was going to be really funny the first time he saw Liam in the hospital and boy was he right!  I think Liam gets cuter every single day!  I know, I'm the Mom and I'm more than a little bias, but it is what it is.
Look at this face, they eyes and facial expression say it all..."Really? Come on Mom!"
Had to take some picture of his crazy hair.  He gets so super sweaty when he sleeps, just like Jude.  I loved the face he made here too.  He is definitely keeping me on my toes and making me laugh a LOT!
I don't remember what they were looking at, but everyone is intrigued by the iphone and all of its awesome capabilities. Jude and Daddy just finished their first run/ride together.  Daddy ran three miles and Jude kept up with him the whole time on his big boy bike.  When he got back he said, "wow, that was really hard. I don't want to do that again!"  tee hee hee.  You'll notice he is wearing the basketball jersey Ma gave him.  Today he used his awesome imagination and said, "Mom, can I wear my basketball jersey as a cycling jersey when I ride my bike?"  Absolutely!!!!!  The Tour is rubbing off on him!
Ugh, those eyes get me every time!  He is so beautiful.  I told Adam just last night that we make beautiful babies.  God definitely takes the best of us and puts it into our boys.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happiness is...

A clean room that is lived in and played in often by two loving, silly and crazy boys!  Jude found the perfect spot to keep all of his Bakugan balls where he can play with them and Liam can't reach!  The metal posters above the bed are from Christmas.  It only took us 6 months to get them hung!  Geez!

Goggles from Aunt Sister that are yellow and only cost $1.00!  Even more happiness would have been found had he actually taken a shower outside with Uncle Stevie rather than throwing a fit.  Ok, I'm pretty sure most of the happiness would have been mine here, but you gotta take it where you can get it right?
New shoes, like Daddy's, that make you run SUPER fast!
My husband making me laugh!
A perfect date night with the man of my dreams!  The "perfect date" entailed mexican food, margarita, video games, cherry lemonade, a movie at home with a pint of ice cream and sleeping in 'til 9:00! Aaaawwwwwesome! Can you hear me singing that? 'cause I did! 

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Over the Woods and Through the Hills

to Grandmother's house we go.  Except, we go by highway - lots and lots of highway! 
This is the after shot of a short swim and lots of unintentional diving.  While I was drying Liam's hair it looked so crazy and cute.  Oooh, I could just squeeze him and eat him.
Awwww...poor thing. He went under one two many times.  It was at this point that we called it quits on pool time.  Looking back, I think the reason he kept slipping and going under is because his little but was so slippery against the plastic pool.  Maybe a swim suit or diaper would have helped.  Nice one Mom!  Gosh just remember him going under and how he must have felt not being able to breath is giving me a sick stomach and a bit of a panic attack. Yuk!
Karen and I were laughing so hard at just how white trash we were for the afternoon  -flamingos in the yard, plastic pool and naked kid.  All we needed was beer and some smokes. Oh, and maybe a little Skynard playing in the background.  Tee hee hee. I know, I just took it too far!  When I showed the pics to Adam we were laughing at how Jude looks like he is taking a MAJOR potty in the pool. If I could just get Adam to photoshop the hose out of the pic.


Notice the proximity of Jude's chair to Laim's highchair.  This was not set up for the photo - just ask Papa Dude!  When Jude loves someone, I mean REALLY loves someone, he wants to be all up in their business all the time.  Jude doesn't get to see Papa Dude as much as he would like so while he's in Texas, this is how close Jude is to him! ha ha ha.  When it's just the four of us, this is how close Jude is to Liam every single solitary time we are at the kitchen table!  But, with that has come this cute little thing the boys do with their heads. They lean on one another and love on each other.  The image above captures one of those precious moments.

On to some serious's bad guy battle time and they better watch out!  Jude was shooting his new yellow (current favorite color) watergun that Jamesy gave him and I asked him to give me a mean face that would show the bad guys that he means business.  This is what I got.  I'm scared, are you?
tee hee - just a little fun in action.  He's getting so big.  boo hoo hoo.  Every time I look at him lately I am reminded of how quickly they grow up.  Mmmm - soak it in - every minute.  That is my Summer '09 motto.

If you can't stand the heat...

Make your sand box a pool!  It's freakin' hot here and the need to stay inside all day long is killing us.  I love the image above and the several others that I captured of this special moment. Liam is learning how to stand on his own and Jude is more than eager to help him out.  I am so blessed to have two boys that love one another so much.
The proud big brother and the little achiever!  This didn't last long though.  Once I snapped the photo Liam stood for another second or two and then PLOP! back down in the water.
I think that if Liam could talk he would be saying, "look, if you're going to shoot me, I'm outta here!"  They had so much fun playing in the pool and I had so much fun watching.  Life has been really great with the boys lately.  I have been praising the Lord every day that I have these two amazing little boys and that I have been able to thoroughly enjoy them lately.
Boys can not bet kept indoors - especially Jude!  Thank goodness Aunt Sister gave us TWO sandboxes when Jude turned 2 and that we never got rid of this one - we had never used it before this.