Monday, November 30, 2009

OK - Texas ROCKS in the Fall

A couple of weekends ago we decided to go to late church and spend the morning with the boys at Whiterock lake. It was so much fun! The boys played at the park - while Mom freaked as Dad got both boys to the top of this catepillar. We threw rocks in the lake, looked at ducks and ran up and down some picnic tables.

By the end of the morning we had worked up quite an appetite so we went to Boston Market (kids eat free!) Jude hammed it up as usual while Liam and Daddy played a little buck fever game. We also did the pre-game chant thing where everyone puts their hands into the circle, one on top of the other, and screamed GOOOOOOO Team Fish!!!!! Liam thought it was great - Jude did too! We must have done it like 20 times. I think the people in the restaurant were quite happy to see us leave.

Dang, I love my family. Have I said that often enough in this blog?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All I want for Christmas

I's typically against my religion to do ANYTHING Christmas-y before the joyous day of Thanksgiving has been celebrated, but I know that I will be receiving questions very soon that will resemble this: "What do Jude and Liam want for Christmas?" "Does Jude have anything special he wants?" "What are you guys planning on getting the boys for Christmas?" And on and on the questions will go. So, I thought I would be proactive this year and provide a list of wants (from the boys.)

Liam's List: Anything will suit me just fine. I basically chase after my brother and copy him all day anyway.

Jude's List:

~Moon Sand - play-doh dries out way too fast!
~Monster Bean Bag - yeah, so this is Mommy's addition, but isn't it adorable?
~Paint, crayons, paper, brushes, glitter pens, etc. (Anything arts and crafts related.)
~Crayola Color Wonder - Jude loves this stuff and Karen (Gramma) can't seem to find the finger painting type anywhere these days. If you find any, it's a total score!
~ Books - older books with fun illustrations would be great, but we will take anything! (Liam needs board books because he rips the pages of Jude's paper books.)

Mom and Dad will be getting Jude a scooter (I think) and who knows what we'll get Liam. Suggestions are welcome! One last final note...I know times are tough these days - believe me I know - please know that we NEED nothing. We have one another and the Lord has provided an abundant amount of love within this family. We are blessed. So, nothing is expected at all. The above are merely suggestions should you feel compelled to get a little something. Emphasis on the little. Jude has decided to go through his toys and give those he no longer wants to kids who have nothing. And, he will be adopting an angel from the Angel Tree too!

Monday, November 16, 2009


It's FINALLY getting cold here in Dallas. I love it. The boys have their reservations, as their noses have been dripping like faucets and they're coughing more than talking. Oh well, tis the season.

This is my first attempt at a Fall basket. I have always wanted purple potato vine, ornamental peppers and flowering kale. I got it all in here baby!
Jude loves Liam and Liam wants Jude to get the heck off of him! Ha ha ha. Jude and I were laughing so hard. i know it's mean since little LiLi was crying so hard, but look at that face! It's just adorable even filled with anger and tears. I know - I won't be saying that in 10-15 years!
Beep Beep - Jude and I made this car out of one of Daddy's HUGE computer boxes.
Ahhhhh the leaves...

It's been a while.

We went to the zoo with Gramma a couple of weeks ago and had a blast. The weather was perfect. Upon viewing these photos you'd think that Jude and Liam LOVED feeding the birds. However, Liam was the only one experiencing true bliss. I think he has his Mother's love of birds. (Recently I noticed that almost every single room in our house has birds in it!) It was so cute watching him hold the feeder stick and see the birds come and eat. He was amazed.

It was all we could do to get Jude to smile in this picture - hince Gramma's silly face.
This was at the giraffe house. Is that what you'd call it? I don't know, but it was sure pretty. Gramma gave Jude a quarter and he got to feed the koi fish! look at how sweetly Jude is looking at Liam. It's not a fake look of affection and joy - He truly loves his brother like crazy!
Tee hee hee...chirp chirp!