Thursday, April 30, 2009

I did what????

Liam is finally crawling.  It's an Army crawl but he's working on getting the knees up.  I finally lowered his crib because hew can now sit up from a laying down position.  He also stood up today and wouldn't you know it, my camera battery is dead.  All of this and we're getting two more teeth.  He's having a very busy week.


Is loving puzzles right now.  He did this one all by himself.  The whole thing!  Amazing.
We went to see Alex's gymnastics meet and Jude played with Uncle Stevie the whole time.  They had a race to see who could eat their Popcorn the fastest.  Steve won, so Jude dumped some of his into Steve's container and the contest continued.
Grandma came over on Friday afternoon/night to go to a party with us.  She and Jude made play-doh balls while Liam took a nap.  Again there was a contest...who could make the most balls and then, who could make the biggest!  What is it with three year olds and everything being a game/contest?  Gosh, life is so simple and yet such a predictor of the future.  I pray that Jude realizes what matters most in life is THE prize - eternity with Christ!


While I was cleaning the house on Friday I thought it would be a good idea to put Liam in his walker and let him roam around while his brother watched TV.  BAD idea...  I walked in the room to find this!  Liam was eating dirt out of the plant and Jude was just watching TV like nothing was wrong.  I guess it didn't cross his 3 year old little mind to come and get Mommy and tell her that brother was eating dirt.  Or, I don't know, maybe jude could have given Liam a little of his wisdom and guidance and told Liam, "yuk, don't eat that! It's dirt...gross!  Just a thought.
This is what I saw upon entering the room.  The first photo is what happened when I tried to take the dirt away.  What do I know?  Maybe dirt does taste good; Liam seemed to like it.

At the Arbo

The boys and I went to the Dallas Arboretum last week to have a picnic.  We had so much fun running ini the grass, rolling down hills and checking out all of their "play houses" inspired by children's storybooks.  Obviously we had to take pictures by Dr. Suess' One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish.
We had so much fun, but it was everything I could do to get Jude to pose for a picture!  Right across from this playhouse was Alice in Wonderland.  Jude just wanted to go in there and see the bad Queen of Hearts forget the photo op!


What is behind this page?  I can't flip it over!
Sweet Liam.  So very, very curious.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm too sexy for my socks...

So the other day I was doing a lot of stuff in the kitchen and wanted to have Liam in there with me - hence the exer-saucer.  I went to put something in the recycle bin and looked back to see Grandpa socks on an infant.  I laughed so hard I had to get the camera.  A big thanks to Liam for posing just right!  The stance really captured the moment.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter and Going Home

Easter dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's was wonderful.  Everyone was there and it was great fun getting to see everyone.  We had an amazing dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt for Jude.  The eggs were filled with money, as is tradition at the Fish house, and Jude said, "hey, these are suppose to have candy in 'em."  A boy after my own heart.  After dinner we bolted over to see Grandma Pat.  I was sure the boys would melt down, but once they saw Grandma Pat they got their next jolt of energy.  Grandma Pat had a big box that she had gotten some flowers in earlier that week; she showed the boys how her kitty played in it and Jude quickly copied the kitty.  Liam just cooed and rolled all over the place.
Julia got this sweet picture of Jude.  He was zonked!
One last photo before we departed.  It was so sad to say goodbye, but the memories are sweet and will carry us until next time.  We made it back in 10.5 hours.  Our average speed was 76 mph, lunch was on the road (thanks Julia!), Jude peed in an empty water bottle and dinner was super fast.  We were so looking forward to sleeping in our own bed!

Other Events

Jude got an Easter Egg.  The face really says it all doesn't it?  he asked the whole way home if he could eat his egg.  The answer was always, not until after dinner.  I don't know why he felt the need to keep asking. Kids...
Jude had cinnamon toast for the first time.  It was love at first bite and lick.  The cinnamon and sugar were his favorite parts.  My favorite was the homemade bread.  Yum...
Anna got a splinter.  Jude was very curious...
Liam learned how to blow up a balloon...
And we made some delicious rice krispy treat Easter eggs.  Jude thought this was really cool.  Ok, Anna and I did too.  Dave pretty much ate all the eggs when we weren't looking.  They were so yummy.

In a nutshell

A few images that capture our time at the Iowa Fish house.  Our visits are always fun, loving and WAY too short.  They go by so quickly; it feels like it's over before it even gets started.

Anna is in band and plays the drums, so of coarse Jude had to play.  We had our own little concert going.  Jude on drums, Liam on tambourine and Anna on harmonica.  It was awesome... and then, it was just LOUD!  Ohhh, so glad the drums stayed in Iowa.
Jude, Papa Dude and Adam met Uncle Dan for breakfast Saturday morning.  This is how Dave says the morning went, "Well, Dan and Adam talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and Jude and I played and played for as long as I could entertain him.  Then it was time to go. Whew."  Ok, I added the "whew" but Dave was exhausted.  I know how hard it is to keep a kiddo entertained at a restaurant and it ain't easy.  Thanks Dave.  Dan owes you one!  Ha!
When Anna is in the mix, all Jude wants to do is fight Anna.  Luckily, Julia had gotten Liam some soft blocks that were just right for throwing at Anna.  She was ganged up on and totally out numbered.  As usual.

Papa Dude and the Boys

Here are my guys with their Papa Dude.  Adam and Dave ready for a run/ride with Jude.  Yes, it's still cold in Iowa.  And yes, Adam is being a dork, but I still love the photo.
Jude and Papa Dude having a moment after the ride.  Jude LOVES his Papa Dude.  He told me today that he wishes we lived closer so he could walk to his house and fight the bad guys, namely, Anna - a.k.a. Cat Woman.
Ok, look at those eyes... can you tell their related?  I just love those baby blues! Liam and Papa Dude played with a lot of balloons once Liam warmed up to him enough to not cry every time Dave looked his way.  I don't know what it is with men and this little guy.  He cries whenever a guy other than his Daddy and his Pop try to hold him or get too close.  

Hotel Art

My husband never ceases to amaze me with his talent.  I love these photos of us in our hotel.  It was early morning.  The sun was spilling into our hotel room.  Jude was watching Bakugan and ready for a battle!  I love that Liam is in the background playing with a pink balloon.  My guys are the best!!!

The Journey Begins

The journey began with a mission...make it to Iowa as quickly as possible with as little crying and yelling as possible.  The task required a lot of toys, portable DVD and lovies for the boys!
Jude went the extra mile and added the thumb!  It's a must have when he's tired or bored.  Much to my dismay it's usually accompanied by him rubbing his bookie on his foot (as seen above) wether he has a shoe on or not!  Yuk!
As you can see, our driver was focused and determined.  We made it to Kansas City around 7:00 hoping to let the boys swim in the hotel was under renovation.  Major Bummer!  Liam was near melt down, but we needed to eat.  Got back to the hotel around 9:00 and everyone crashed.  I'd like to say it was a good night's rest, but it wasn't.  Another disappointment.  Jude was getting over being sick and Liam was in the beginning stages.  And such is how this journey began.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It's been a while since I've posted.  We took a road trip to Iowa for Easter and actually living life took precedence over blogging about it!  We're back now and it's a bitter sweet return.  It's so good to be home, back in our routine and with our family and friends here.  But, we already miss the family we left behind there!  I'll post more about our trip along with some great photos from the journey later today.  

While we were there, Adam got me thinking about bikes.  It's past time for Jude to get a big boy bike. Papa Dude (Dave) and Adam took Jude to look at bikes while in Iowa.  No success, but now I can't stop thinking about all of us strolling through the neighborhood. Sigh...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Recycled Easter Decor

We are rolling right along with our newly resurrected (no pun intended) craftiness and thought we would do a little Easter decorating.  Our church hosted an Easter egg hunt, but it was right in the middle of Liam's nap.  I felt so bad that Jude couldn't go, so I let him pull out his Easter egg candy from Grandma and eat some while we dyed eggs and made Easter baskets and grass from stuff we had laying around the house (construction paper and old birthday party hats.) 

I couldn't bear to buy that plastic Easter grass another year.  Is that stuff even recyclable? Turns out shredding green construction paper to make our grass was Jude's favorite part.  He kept giggling every time I pulled out another piece of paper to shred.  "Mom, how much are we gonna do? You're so crazy!"  He's right on the crazy part.
The egg dying was fun, but pretty stinky. Jude cracked a couple of eggs by literally chunking them in the water and the dye.  I'm pretty sure I said, "gently" 10 times or more. Once our crafts were complete Jude had eaten several candy eggs and was still pretty convinced that Easter is about two things..."candy and God's Son." I have a week left to work with him a little more on that one!

Homemade Goodness

As soon as I knew Liam couldn't handle my breastmilk and formula was insanely expensive, I was convinced that I would make his baby food when the time came. I've been making all of it and he really likes it!  Thank the Lord! So glad we never gave him a taste of Gerbertine.  Jude was addicted to that stuff and wouldn't eat anything I made for him.  Stinker. Making Liam's food and decorating the house for the various holidays lead me to believe I was doing pretty good at the whole creative Mommy thing.  BUT, the more I read other blogs I was made aware of just how much other Moms do! Seriously? Where do they get all the energy.  I mean I would love to do all my crafts and sewing and what not, but I'm so exhausted all the time. 
Well, this week I decided to be inspired by those mothers rather than discouraged.  (And quite honestly, I felt the need to bring some more art back into Jude's life. With all his Super Hero stuff, he rarely sits down to color or "create" anything.)  His teacher had told me that he loved their number wall, so we created one at home.  Jude picked out the colors and other materials.  I think it turned out pretty good and I only burned myself once with the glue gun.  Man, I forgot how hot those things get.  Yikes.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bakugon Brawl! Bakugon gonna drive me crazy!

I used to think, and kind of still do, that all toy companies are in business with the battery companies.  Every single toy these days requires at least 15 batteries!  But with Jude's latest obsession, there are no batteries!  You would think this would make me happy right?  It would, really it would, if the balls and cards weren't so small and there weren't over a 180 of them to collect and lose within 2 days of purchasing.  Last but not least, they don't do much and Jude wants to play Bakugon ALL the time.  So, 500 times a day I get to hear this battle cry, "Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand!"  Ah, the joys of Motherhood.  I need a drink!


Mondays are pretty much always hard around here, for me, not the boys.  The weekend is most always enjoyable but exhausting.  Mondays come quick with a reminder that we have nothing planned for the day except groceries, laundry, dishes, clean up and church at 5:00.  This means no Adam, no play dates and no rest for the weary!  See why I don't particularly care for Mondays?  My way of coping this week was a very much needed balloon fight for the boys - first thing in the morning while I enjoyed my delicious cup of coffee (or two!)
Liam LOVES balloons.  In fact, I think it may be the only thing that will entice him to crawl.  At 10 months old, he's still rolling around to get wherever he wants to go.  I think he's finally figured out that this mode of transportation can only take you so far and if you run into the balloons, they just roll away from you!