Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stop the Bleeding STAT!

We've been sick off and on since December 23rd. I'm officially OVER IT!  In the midst of everything, the boys have managed to stay cute and sweet (for the most part) and I have managed to keep my sanity - although it is slowly disappearing.

Through it all, Jude has managed to miss 4-5 days of school (thank you money just tossed out the window) and play all of 1 soccer game. Team name: Strikers. He loves it.

I'm grateful for Adam, family, friends and most of all God for pulling me through this. Oh yeah, and Legos and movies don't hurt either. Today we took a trip to the Library and checked out almost everything they had. Calgon... TAKE ME AWAY!

March - please bring sunny skies and healthy kiddos. Please?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

As Promised...

Here are some moments captured from yesterday - snowpocolyps!

penny table hockey

we heart snow - we hate pneumonia!

if Jude can't go out...I'll bring the snow to him!
making "color bombs"

it was a fierce battle!

Liam finally decided to venture out without brother (his sidekick and hero)

Dad gave some much needed cuddles and love.

We forced Liam to eat fruit and he bit his lip or something. I think the orange looks a little worse for wear too!
it was pretty...but I'm glad it's melting away as I type this!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Being a Mom brings new things your way that you never thought you'd be dealing with. It has been so hard to see my little Jude so sick!  AND if I watch another kid show or movie I may just puke!  Today I tried new things with the boys like making our own crayons from broken bits, bringing the snow indoors to them and table hockey with legos and pennies. (I'll post those pics later!)

Here's a look at some things we did earlier this week during The Ice/Snow Storm of the century! Oh, and movies, movies, movies!  Last night we let Jude stay up late with us and we watched Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia).  He was so sheepishly happy and smiley the whole time. He kept looking at me and grinning and then he'd say, "I'm a big boy." Wow, who knew a late night movie with the folks could bring a little sickie so much joy! PTL!