Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love notes...

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I usually don't make a big deal out of it, but January has been pretty crummy for our family what with the sicknesses and the economy.  So, I think there needs to be a little love spread around here and I have my husband to thank for the inspiration and these photos I found on a blog I visit!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is it in the blood?

I've been taking a lot of pictures around the house for the Pure and Noble blog.  Yesterday Jude asked if he could take some pictures.  "What the heck, can't hurt" I thought.  At least I'll get about 10 more minutes to work while he's snap happy. Here's a look at just a few of his images and I have to be honest, I think some of them are really pretty good!  I asked him if he wanted to be a Photographer like his Dad.  His reply, "yeah."

There is Hope...

Monday - January 18, 2010 - All of the kids in Chapel at Jude's school are asked the following, "Who would like to say the prayer today?" And guess what?  Jude said he was like, "me, me, me, me, pick me!" What?????? Do my ears deceive me?  Jude wanted to pray in front of everyone?  Hooray!  He said he was so excited to do it.  Ahhhhh, hard work really does pay off.

Thursday - January 21, 2010 - Me, Jude and Liam are sitting at the table scarfing down breakfast to get Jude to school on time. Liam is babbling something.  Then I realize what he's saying as he pinches his little eyes closed and bows his head..."pay, pay, pay." I almost started crying, but grabbed hold of myself, cheered him on and prayed instead.  Jude gave him a thumb's up and a "good work Liam!"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

Jude: What's this guys name?
Me: Who?
Jude: The guy singing this song.
Me: Ralph, it's called Ralph's World.
Jude: I don't like that name.
Me: Why?
Jude: Because it has an F on the end of it and I don't like to write Fs.

That's my boy!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside and Rainy Too!

So what do yo do when it's cold outside, all the kids are bored, you're going nuts and you've been to the mall a hundred times?  Have a Jack Frost Party! Crick and I gathered the kids at her house and made styrofoam snowmen and cake!

James and Jude decorated the cake.  Do you think they might be a little proud of their accomplishment?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tears, Donuts and Puke!

I should know by now that when I see something like this in Jude's room there is bound to be a little illness coming on. When I saw this I was so proud of him because he said he had to blow his nose all night long. He could have thrown the tissue away, but hay, he's only four.

Yesterday morning we needed milk. In an attempt to get Jude to go with me, I told him we would stop for donuts. It worked! When he couldn't eat all of the donuts in the car the tears began to fall. The waterworks last off and on all day. I should have known something was up. Then, on the way to Gramma's house, he falls asleep in the car. "Tired boy," I thought. The afternoon and dinner at Gramma and Pappa's was great. It was the 1:00 am wake-up that wasn't so great. From 1:00 to about 6:30 am, Jude threw-up every thirty minutes. Poor little guy. The first time, Adam and I changed the sheets, gave him a shower and put him back to bed. God must have given me a little wisdom because I stayed in there with him. Wouldn't you know it, within the hour he was getting sick again. The third time and second round of sheet changes Jude said tiredly, "not again!" My heart just broke. Every time he would begin to fall asleep he would get sick again. I couldn't sleep at all. I just laid there rubbing his back, praying for him, thanking God for my amazing family, feeling overwhelmed with the amount of love I have for my boys and overall just feeling blessed beyond measure. Finally about 6:30 things calmed down, the house was still and we both fell asleep.

Popcorn and Chocolate Chips

I had THE best afternoon with the boys Wednesday night before church. Liam woke up from his nap all lovey and cuddly. The house was quite. I had a little Ray LaMontagne playing softly in the kitchen and it was cold outside. A perfect setting for some laid back family time. However, I had no idea it would be quite so enjoyable. Liam has recently discovered a love of popcorn so I asked him if he wanted some for a snack. He shook his head up and down. He had fun watching the popcorn pop in the micro and listening for all the "pop" sounds. Giggling away at each pop!

Ok, don't look at Mommy in this one. I have no make-up on and popcorn in my teeth (gross!) But the photo of Liam was too cute not to post. After seeing this image, I made sure I put make-up on before going to church!
Jude woke up and wanted some snack too - so I got him his very own bowl. Liam and I were having Monster Mix with our popcorn but due to the peanuts, Jude couldn't have any of the M&Ms. To prevent a melt down, I found the chocolate chips in the freezer left over from Doola's famous cookies and added them to both kids bowls. Hello Happiness. Why does chocolate make each event a little sweeter and more memorable? Jude looks pretty ticked in the photo, but he's really just letting the chocolate chip melt in his mouth. Look at how grown up he looks. Boo hoo hoo. My baby is getting so big!

See what I mean about chocolate happiness? Liam was so funny. Every time I picked up the camera he would say, "teeze!" There was a whole lot of love in the house that afternoon and a lot of peace. Thank you Lord for my two wonderful boys!

Christmas Toys and Visitors

Christmas was BUSY! Whew...lots to do and lots of people to see. We started with Christmas Eve service at church and then went to Gramma and Pappa's house for the evening. Santa came to our house later that night and then Pop and Ma came over Christmas Day. Aunt Sister, Uncle Stevie and Alex came over Saturday as well as a good friend from high school. Then early Sunday morning Papa Dude, Doola and Anna arrived for a week's visit. There was so much to do, so many wonderful memories and a bunch of gifts! Again, thank you everyone for everything. We are so truly blessed to be surrounded by friends and family.
While the Iowa Fish were here, the weather stunk! It was so cold and rainy and to be honest, it hasn't gotten much better. We did manage to make it to the park one day and play baseball outside another day. Brrrrr... Doola commented that we didn't take many photos this time because we guess we were too busy living in the moment versus capturing it. Agreed.
Pop and Ma, as well as Gramma and Pappa get the same treatment. More livin' in the moment versus taking pictures to capture the moment. We even went over to see Gramma Pat last night, I took my camera, and not a single photo! Geez. But, lots of good times and memories always.
The boys have been loving playing the new Wii game that Uncle Aaron ("Uncle") got us for Christmas. Jude loves playing all the games and trying to beat Daddy. Laim just has to have a control in his hands so he thinks he's playing! It all works out and everyone has a good time. Thanks Uncle.
Aunt Sister and Uncle Stevie got the boys Gator Golf and both boys seem to love it. Mommy loves it because she can put the boys in the hallway to play and go do something else for a good 15 minutes at least. Many other gifts were received too - too many to mention - and the boys are loving all of them. I think other kiddos will benefit from the generous Christmas as well because I have a HUGE bag of toys that are going to either Watermark or Mercy Street (East Dallas Ministry.) Woo hoo. I love being able to pass on the joy.

Last but not least, it was a musical Christmas for the Fishes. We got electric guitars and a jazzy keyboard. I love this picture of Jude because it reminds me of the eighties alternative bands with their crazy hair and electric keyboards. ha ha ha ha. I think Heather's hair looked like this once but it was pink! Funny thing about the guitars, both boys got them and they each play with the guitar meant for the other. Jude loves Laim's and Liam loves Jude's. Oh well, at least they're happy and playing! And you know what? Mommy doesn't even mind the noise. It's WAY better than hearing them scream. We even broke out the pots and pans the other day for our drum set. Crazy right? I think I am going crazy, but that's another post for another day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


There was a LOT going on this holiday season. I'm pooped and the boys are too, but Jude would never let on! He is just fine as far as he's concerned. Liam doesn't want to eat dinner or sleep through the night and Mommy and Daddy are ready to get a hotel and leave them here! Ha ha ha. Thank you to everyone for making our Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year so filled with family, friends and lots of love. Pics later!