Friday, May 20, 2011

Ft. Worth Zoo

It's the only zoo worth going to in Texas and every time we go... it's a blast!  Gramma and Uncle met us there; this excited the boys a lot. What a great treat!  Then we added the icing on the cake - a train ride and Chick-fil-a. All in all, a really fun and successful day. Mommy happy, family fun and boys wiped out.

Mommy - giraffes & birds
Jude - cheetahs
Liam - dino exhibit throughout the zoo and everything else
Uncle - penguins
Gramma - spending the day with 3 of 4 of her boys!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Daddy's Package

What happens when Daddy orders something big online? Loads of fun and silliness!

 Poor Liam!  I can't tell if he had fun or not!

 Again...panic for poor Liam!  He looks so worried about his brother here. I think the real problem was that he wanted back in the box!
Ha ha ha!  Who knew that a silly box could bring so much laughter into the home. (Well, at least I was laughing.)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flying a Kite...

Without a breeze or any gusts of wind can be a chore, but who needs wind when you can, "run like the wind," says Jude.
"Run Liam!  Run like the wind."
 Uhhhh, so tired!

 I've got it. I did it. Wahoo!

Sooo fun!  Who knew that a $1.00 plastic kite could be so much fun and get so many sillies out?  Win. Win. 


Well, a 30 minute one anyway.  Here's what a Saturday drive to Grapevine looks like in our car...

Liam - hammin' it up and loving on his brother, "brudder."
Jude - passed out hard because he's, "NOT TIRED!"
Daddy - all business
Me - passenger duties and shutterbug queen

We went to Grapevine Mills looking for Adam a pair of new shoes. We left with nothing. Adam said he thought we were probably the .001% of the population that leaves that mall empty-handed. Agreed!

We met up with my family (all of them) at the park. The boys shot hoops while the rest of us kicked back and giggled at the boys and their skillz. They're both pretty good. Even little Liam. He's been workin' on his dribble.

On the way home, we stopped for Gatorade and jammed out to some Daft Punk!  Liam was crackin' us all up with his awesome dance moves. He's got rhythm. Gets it from his Mom! ha ha ha.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cooking with Boys

Jude and Liam played "cooking" the other day. They brought me several servings of rice and beans. Yum! I'm not gonna lie, I love the vintage Melmac as play kitchenware.  I doubt it makes them as happy as it does me! ha ha ha. But they sure did have fun.

After several "servings," this happened...

When I asked Liam what we were going to do about it, he simply replied, "We'll just have to walk over it." Spoken like the true maniac I know and love. While we're on the topic of things I know and love...the handi-vac is my best-friend some days.