Monday, November 28, 2011

My guys during the holidays...

 Jude's school Thanksgiving Feast.
Liam's afternoon rest time.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Green Monster

My little monster grabbed my green monster drink from me and it was never seen again!

For Phyl...

Oh I remember the love that my Aunt Phyllis had for Rod Stewart, so this one's for her...

The images are blurry, but you get the point. Love you Aunt Phyl. xo

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Many Moods of Liam

Liam started school two weeks ago.  I didn't know what to expect. He had been so excited to go to big boy school like brother. Here's what I got...

He had a good day and said that he liked it. He said they "colored and colored and sang a song and sang and sang and sang." You get the picture. I don't know if he was bored or excited?! The next few times I dropped him off I got tears - lots of 'em. Last Thursday I got, "come one Mom. They're open. Let's go!"  Oh boy, the ups and downs of life with Liam. He's kind of like a box of never know what you're gonna get. Good for me - I like most of the flavors.  Bad for me - I can't poke the backside of Liam to see if I'm gonna like what I get!" Oh my sweet, sweet boy.

Monday, August 22, 2011

He/We Did It!

Hello Kindergarten!  I feel really sick, so I'm gonna keep this brief and just give you a few photos! More later!

 breakfast station
 wake-up sign
 walkin' in the HOT Texas heat
 proud Daddy
 his classroom/desk
(We have the best neighbors ever - they gave me flowers and a sweet note!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We like Summer

Summer is almost over. It's kind of hard to believe, especially with 100+ degree days hanging around. Tonight the boys did all the things kids are supposed to do in the summer... stayed up late, had a friend over for play-time and dinner, watched a movie and acted completely crazy. (As I type this, I hear Liam singing one of his favorite summer pop songs. ha ha ha) Summer? Why do you have to end so soon?

School starts in 4.5 weeks. I'm doing my best to pray and hold back the tears and anxiety, while embracing the moments that are slipping away all too fast.

Ahhh...the DMA. For more peeks into our DMA adventure check out Pure and Noble. We had so much fun!

Family getaways will be left to the weekends. ONLY. Boo hoo hoo.
And handmade pirate adventures will be left to me and Liam - I hope. Boy, he's gonna miss his best-buddy! I think he might have the hardest time of all with this change.  But, he'll be starting school too and I think he's gonna love it.
They grow up fast. Never has this been so evident than right now. Sigh...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Fun & Silliness

 Above is what a long day of play and superhero fighting brings about...laziness/rest time!

Jude walked out the other day with his underwear pulled up near his armpits.  Ahhh ha ha ha...we laughed so hard! Not to be left out, Liam quickly joined in and pulled up his shirt to show his undies. ha ha ha - anything for a laugh.

My friend/neighbor across the street (Sarah) used to be an Elementary school art teacher. So this Summer, she and I are doing a little co-op switcher-roo.  She takes the boys for an hour and teaches art, I take her boys for an hour and play superheroes, cars, and sports.  It's so awesome and the boys are loving it.

Not gonna deny it...I'm gonna miss having Jude home with me everyday. I don't think I'm allowing my heart to go there just yet.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th of July

This is what we'll be doing all weekend (at Heather's lake house) and all summer long! Wahoo. I have some brave boys! xo

Monday, June 27, 2011


on one of Mr. Ryan's birds.

Summer Forts AKA Secret Hideout

Several days ago, the boys were running around the house collecting every single pillow in our house. When I asked what they were doing, I got the very factual and prompt response to my obviously silly question... "we're making a secret hideout." Oh! Okay. Who am I to get in the way of that?

They did such a good job - putting up the sheets themselves and everything - I decided to let them sleep there together that night! It was a hit. They had so much fun. It was like they had never slept in the same room before...hello every - single - night! ha ha ha

Dad - You're the Bomb

Father's Day as come and gone, but just incase you think we forgot about our favorite Dad...

Saw this cute idea in blogland somewhere and knew it was just the things for us to give Adam. He loves Rolos.

The travel coffee mug was a hit too! We love you babe. You really are the bomb. xo

San Diego by iphone

My friend Stephanie took all these photos with her phone while we were in San Diego! Ahh the iphone...a stroke of genius. The bubbles were a gift from the McNaughtons. The boys loved them. They also serve as a nice fan when there's zero bubble juice in them. The other two are from our anniversary celebration at George's. So pretty and magical. We loved every minute of our vacation!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All Grown Up!

The day he's waited for finally came...Jude is SIX! Just as I did with Liam, I spent a good part of my night looking at old photos of Jude. Man, what an amazing journey this has been.  I wouldn't trade it for the world. He is one amazing kiddo - melts my heart every single day!

How does God do it?  How does he give you the desires of your heart that you didn't even know were there? I'm ever so grateful for my two amazing boys. I love you Jude! You rocked my world, turned it upside down, and filled my heart with a joy I never knew was possible. xo