Thursday, May 28, 2009


Rule number one when trying to manage a blog for preservation and family updating - ALWAYS bring your camera with you.  When I started this blog I thought I would surely do that, but wouldn't you know, yesterday Liam swam in a pool for the first time and I had no camera on hand.  Neither did Gramma.  Darn it!  He loved the water so much, he could have cared less about my being there.  We put him in a little floaty thing and he just walked all around the kiddie pool.  Jude pushed him around for a while and he loved that too.  I just kicked back and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Ah the joys of having two boys that can entertain one another! 

We have decided to make swimming at Gramma's a weekly ritual; so next week I will remember to bring my camera!!!  Stay tuned for photos.

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