Friday, July 10, 2009

Happiness is...

A clean room that is lived in and played in often by two loving, silly and crazy boys!  Jude found the perfect spot to keep all of his Bakugan balls where he can play with them and Liam can't reach!  The metal posters above the bed are from Christmas.  It only took us 6 months to get them hung!  Geez!

Goggles from Aunt Sister that are yellow and only cost $1.00!  Even more happiness would have been found had he actually taken a shower outside with Uncle Stevie rather than throwing a fit.  Ok, I'm pretty sure most of the happiness would have been mine here, but you gotta take it where you can get it right?
New shoes, like Daddy's, that make you run SUPER fast!
My husband making me laugh!
A perfect date night with the man of my dreams!  The "perfect date" entailed mexican food, margarita, video games, cherry lemonade, a movie at home with a pint of ice cream and sleeping in 'til 9:00! Aaaawwwwwesome! Can you hear me singing that? 'cause I did! 

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