Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Texas Summer = HOT

As the heat index rises and it becomes increasingly more miserable to be outside, the pool at Gramma's club is the only place that really provides relief.  Liam loves the water and Jude loves it too as long as he stays in the little pool!
It's fun to watch the boys play together and have so much fun with one another.  For Jude's birthday we all went to the pool.  Jude and Daddy tried to attack Mommy and Gramma with water guns but with some quick thinkin' on Gramma's part we drenched them!  It was awesome!  Once the boys figured out that Girls really do RULE and boys drool, they decided to play some water football.
"Bird."  One of Liam's favorite things to do while eating lunch at the club is to point out all of the birds.  It's so cute.

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