Friday, December 31, 2010

A Look Back at 2010

2010 - sounds major right? It was for us. I'm kinda glad it's over, but through it all there was a ton of growth.

January brought our first taste of snow for the year and snowball fights!

February broke records for snowfall in Dallas, Texas.

March brought lots of brotherly love and new kitchen chairs!

April was welcomed with sunshine and Easter egg hunts.

May will be remembered for the boys moving in together and family fun - in the scorching heat!

June was a month of birthdays and celebrations. Jude learned to ride his bike without training wheels. We took a family trip to the beach with beloved friends.

July was HOT and spent at the lakehouse with family.

August will never be forgotten. Portland and Iowa. Loads of fun and emotions as we began to process moving.

September was fun, fun, fun. Can I get that month back? Please.

October: Boo! The boys favorite month of the year.

November gave many reasons to be thankful: awesome dates, potty training, etsy shop, leaf piles and family football.

December Oh how I wish you never came. You brought unforeseen challenges that linger into the new year. But, on a positive note, you also brought the birthday of our Savior! Thank you for that.

Until next year!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Blues

No pic, just words...

Today Liam got put in time out. Then I hear the harmonica being played quietly. The boy is 2 and he already has the blues!

Ha ha ha. Priceless!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crafty Christmas

Oh how I love a good craft!  I really like ones that involve the boys - win, win.  Here's how things are shakin' out for the holidays at the Fish house!

A wreath for the boys' door that Liam helped me with:

Liam helped big time with this lovely Christmas tree:

And Jude made this for me at school!  His teacher is really crafty and awesome. he was SOOO proud to be able to give me my first Christmas present.  He even made me "look for it" but he really just grabbed my hand with this HUGE smile on his face and said, "come on, this way..."! Oh gosh, I almost cry when I think of how sweet it was.  Jude just has the biggest heart ever. I love him so.

I know I'm bias, but I do have the best boys on the planet! God has blessed me so much. Happy Birthday to me - indeed!

The Melt Down...

captured on film. The other day it was chilly out and the boys said they wanted hot coco. Who am I to deny them such a tasty treat on a cold day? Especially when I remember fondly my Mom always making it for us!

At first it seemed so good and exciting. A little hot - but yummy. So much so, a hot coco mustache had formed on Jude's upper lip. I grabbed the camera and got this:

happiness turning to panic:
 I'm really upset now. (Mom begins to clue in that we are NOT happy anymore.)
 Uh-oh!  What in the world? Why is he melting down?
Oh!!!! He spilt hot coco all over his favorite soccer jersey that he's been wearing for all of five minutes!

Who says you can't cry over spilled milk? 

Like Daddy

This is what gets captured with Jude behind the lens:

favorite toys:
silly moments and looks to melt one's heart:
favorite shirts:
sweet smiles:
 bad hair days:
 messy rooms and somber moments:
 new shoes:
 precious face:

He's not bad huh?  I might start having him take pics for Pure and Noble! 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lovin' Leaves

Jude and Liam had a blast jumping in the leaves yesterday.  I think they played for a full 2 hours in this little pile! The were laughing, running, jumping, sliding. Man, it was good for my soul to see and hear them having so much fun. After Liam went down for his nap, Jude had the biggest grin on his face and kept talking about how much fun he had with his brother.  Thank you Lord for giving me to wonderful boys! Oh, and three cheers to leaves!