Friday, January 28, 2011

Memorable Moments

This is how the boys eat their apples:

This is where they'll go when "bored."

This is the sweetest letter ever typed by a 5 year old:
(it says things like: i love james, i love liam, liam is 2, my dad, high five... it's a framer)

This is what we've been working on this week:
(we didn't make this one, but we will make some like it with bookmark hearts)

Jude has been practicing drawing hearts, being a gentleman, being a great big brother, loving others well, getting well and learning that life isn't a contest - nor do you "always" win.

Liam has been silly as usual, practicing colors and shapes via puzzles, learning to dribble and ride his bike without Mommy, learning the consequences of bad choices and having a TON of fun with his brother (aka best friend and hero.)

Mommy and Daddy have been praising the Lord, focusing on marriage and family and enjoying the tar out of the world's most amazing boys. They teach us something new everyday. We are blessed beyond words. 


Ma said...

Thanks for sharing all that is taking place at the Fish Home. Love you all!!

Fish said...

You gotta love a typewriter - Jude is so smart and sweet! And I can just see Liam chomping into the apple, core or not :) You certainly do have sweet boys and a great family! Thanks for sharing your simple yet magical times together.