Friday, July 9, 2010

Eavesdropping and a Diaper Change

Rushing to Adam's aid tonight gave me the biggest gift ever and it's one that I hope I never forget - hence my writing it down here.  The boys (all three) were in the shower and Adam thought Liam wanted out. He didn't. On my "way out" Jude yells "mommy, I love you!" As I was picking up dirty clothes I overheard Adam say, " That was nice Jude." Jude replied, "I do. I lover her soooo much!" With the most sincere heart.  It brought tears to my eyes - literally!  Then Adam replied, "you should tell your Mommy that everyday you know that?! It means a lot to her. When you think it, you should say it." "Ok," said Jude.

WHAT?  I have THE best family in the world and am blessed beyond belief!

Diaper Change:
The other day I  was changing Liam's diaper and wiping his bottom. He said, "don't touch it!" I said, "touch what? Your bottom?" Then he said it. The funniest two words to complete that sentence... "my penis!" I laughed. HARD.  To which he replied with a big grin, "don't touch my penis!" Ahhh, boys. You gotta love 'em.

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Fish said...

Memorable moments and words are just as precious as the photos! Glad you heard - thankful you shared it.

Both the sweet and the silly :)