Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat: Double Vision

That much anticipated time of year has come and gone. It's Jude's favorite time of year and the holiday that seems to come everyday at our house: Halloween. Tricks are provided daily by the boys. Treats unfortunately requested daily by the boys. So when the "official day" came, the excitement was not what I expected.

Things finally began to look up at the party that was full of boys dressed head to toe in Star Wars costumes, food, candy and bounce houses.  Awesome!  Thanks to the Jeters and the Rasmussens (the following night) Halloween was a success.


Fish said...

The trick seemed to be how to get those boys to smile for the camera - the treat - they are so adorable whether it's a pout or a smile! Thanks!

Ma said...

These two precious boys are truly the "TREAT" in "Trick or Treat".
I could be bias, but their costumes were the best I saw all Halloween...