Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stop the Bleeding STAT!

We've been sick off and on since December 23rd. I'm officially OVER IT!  In the midst of everything, the boys have managed to stay cute and sweet (for the most part) and I have managed to keep my sanity - although it is slowly disappearing.

Through it all, Jude has managed to miss 4-5 days of school (thank you money just tossed out the window) and play all of 1 soccer game. Team name: Strikers. He loves it.

I'm grateful for Adam, family, friends and most of all God for pulling me through this. Oh yeah, and Legos and movies don't hurt either. Today we took a trip to the Library and checked out almost everything they had. Calgon... TAKE ME AWAY!

March - please bring sunny skies and healthy kiddos. Please?

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