Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Play Ball!

Our friends the Howards gave us a little date night the other night in return for some things I made for their home. (love to barter!) They have three boys - Will (11), Ryan (9) and Ben (8) that are ALL awesome. When we drove up they were playing baseball and had the tee set up for practice hits, etc. Their generosity is nothing short of astounding. Not only did they love on our boys all night and feed them, they gave us a bucket of balls and a bat to bring home with us.  This is what I found upon waking up the next morning.

You gotta love a Dad who goes out of his way to make the perfect t-ball stand out of my new Ikea planter (ughhh) and a saw horse!  The love was shown and felt for sure.  They boys had so much fun hitting that morning. Blessed, that is what I am.


Fish said...

Barter - exchanging the gifts you've been given! Sounds like a great time by enjoyed by all.
Papa Dude is gonna' be excited when he sees the T-ball set-up. Sounds like another trip to IKEA is in order :)

Ma said...

How great is that!! Does it remind you of when you used Papa's tools and built things when you were young??? Inherited trait....