Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Well, a 30 minute one anyway.  Here's what a Saturday drive to Grapevine looks like in our car...

Liam - hammin' it up and loving on his brother, "brudder."
Jude - passed out hard because he's, "NOT TIRED!"
Daddy - all business
Me - passenger duties and shutterbug queen

We went to Grapevine Mills looking for Adam a pair of new shoes. We left with nothing. Adam said he thought we were probably the .001% of the population that leaves that mall empty-handed. Agreed!

We met up with my family (all of them) at the park. The boys shot hoops while the rest of us kicked back and giggled at the boys and their skillz. They're both pretty good. Even little Liam. He's been workin' on his dribble.

On the way home, we stopped for Gatorade and jammed out to some Daft Punk!  Liam was crackin' us all up with his awesome dance moves. He's got rhythm. Gets it from his Mom! ha ha ha.


Ma said...

Love you guys!!! Everyday is always amazing with the Fish Family. I especialy loved the hand on brother's arm. So Sweet!

So glad the kite flying was a success..

Fish said...

Captured the family - perfectly!
Captured our hearts - completely!