Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Thank goodness for friends who are willing to play dress up and come over in the rain.
Hattie, Henry and Kristal all showed up with their hoods on!  I mean what else are you gonna do when it looks like this outside?!

I wish I could say I have thought of creative things to do in the rain, but we have really just watched a lot of movies and played super heroes...go figure.  Jude really isn't all that into arts and crafts lately.  He would rather fight than color for sure.  But one thing he is really enjoying lately is puzzles.  When he was one or so and all was quiet, I knew that when I found him he would be in a corner somewhere reading books.  Happily those days are back, but now he's doing puzzles.  When I walked into his room on Tuesday, he asked me to leave so that he could do his puzzle by himself.  Nice!

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