Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stinky Toe Cheese

How is it possible that someone this cute can have feet that are so stinky you could quite literally be knocked out by the smell?

Poor Liam.  He got his Daddy's stinky feet!  On the up side, look how stinkin' cute he is! With a face like that you can't help but love him, stinky feet and all.  He is lovin' the Jumperoo and is getting way more exercise than I am these days.  This morning was pretty rough for him though.  After the above photoshoot, he went down for his first nap and was kicking the birdie box on the crib.  I guess he doesn't his own strength because within a matter of minutes I heard a loud thump and crash followed by, "whaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!!"  The birdie music box had fallen off the rails and landed on his little head.  He's got a pretty good bump right between the eyes.  Man, some mornings it just doesn't pay to get into bed!

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