Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All I want for Christmas

I know...it's typically against my religion to do ANYTHING Christmas-y before the joyous day of Thanksgiving has been celebrated, but I know that I will be receiving questions very soon that will resemble this: "What do Jude and Liam want for Christmas?" "Does Jude have anything special he wants?" "What are you guys planning on getting the boys for Christmas?" And on and on the questions will go. So, I thought I would be proactive this year and provide a list of wants (from the boys.)

Liam's List: Anything will suit me just fine. I basically chase after my brother and copy him all day anyway.

Jude's List:

~Moon Sand - play-doh dries out way too fast!
~Monster Bean Bag - yeah, so this is Mommy's addition, but isn't it adorable?
~Paint, crayons, paper, brushes, glitter pens, etc. (Anything arts and crafts related.)
~Crayola Color Wonder - Jude loves this stuff and Karen (Gramma) can't seem to find the finger painting type anywhere these days. If you find any, it's a total score!
~ Books - older books with fun illustrations would be great, but we will take anything! (Liam needs board books because he rips the pages of Jude's paper books.)

Mom and Dad will be getting Jude a scooter (I think) and who knows what we'll get Liam. Suggestions are welcome! One last final note...I know times are tough these days - believe me I know - please know that we NEED nothing. We have one another and the Lord has provided an abundant amount of love within this family. We are blessed. So, nothing is expected at all. The above are merely suggestions should you feel compelled to get a little something. Emphasis on the little. Jude has decided to go through his toys and give those he no longer wants to kids who have nothing. And, he will be adopting an angel from the Angel Tree too!

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Ma said...

That sounds great and shows how these beautiful boys are going to be sharing their love with all.