Monday, November 16, 2009

It's been a while.

We went to the zoo with Gramma a couple of weeks ago and had a blast. The weather was perfect. Upon viewing these photos you'd think that Jude and Liam LOVED feeding the birds. However, Liam was the only one experiencing true bliss. I think he has his Mother's love of birds. (Recently I noticed that almost every single room in our house has birds in it!) It was so cute watching him hold the feeder stick and see the birds come and eat. He was amazed.

It was all we could do to get Jude to smile in this picture - hince Gramma's silly face.
This was at the giraffe house. Is that what you'd call it? I don't know, but it was sure pretty. Gramma gave Jude a quarter and he got to feed the koi fish! look at how sweetly Jude is looking at Liam. It's not a fake look of affection and joy - He truly loves his brother like crazy!
Tee hee hee...chirp chirp!

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