Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Melt Down...

captured on film. The other day it was chilly out and the boys said they wanted hot coco. Who am I to deny them such a tasty treat on a cold day? Especially when I remember fondly my Mom always making it for us!

At first it seemed so good and exciting. A little hot - but yummy. So much so, a hot coco mustache had formed on Jude's upper lip. I grabbed the camera and got this:

happiness turning to panic:
 I'm really upset now. (Mom begins to clue in that we are NOT happy anymore.)
 Uh-oh!  What in the world? Why is he melting down?
Oh!!!! He spilt hot coco all over his favorite soccer jersey that he's been wearing for all of five minutes!

Who says you can't cry over spilled milk? 

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Leventhal Family said...

Poor little guy! Oh the disappointment!!!