Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chopping Wood and Eating Strawberries

The snow wrecked many a trees. The poor little limbs couldn't handle the weight of the snow, so down they went.  So when we went over to Gramma's to play, there was wood to cut and move to the log pile.  Gramma and I were so glad there was stuff to do outside and Papa was home because it was cold and Jude REALLY wanted to play. Hey, in the eyes of a child, even chores can be fun. Jude and Papa set out to tackle the task at hand. In the end, the limbs were cut, logs and limbs were moved, Jude had fun and Papa even gave him $1.00 for all his hard work! We're putting the money in a jar that we are adding to weekly for our summer family vacation with the Jeters!

On another note, let's talk strawberries. How do you eat them?  Do you cut the tops of first? Do you hold onto the green tops and eat til you reach it? Well, I usually cut the green top off and put it on the boys' plates for them to eat. But yesterday I was in a hurry and Liam was really hungry so I just gave him the whole strawberry. He was doing great holding onto the green top and eating the sweet dark red tip first. Red was drooling all down hi chin.  I sat down to eat my sandwich as Liam continued to chomp on the strawberry.  I asked, "is it yummy?" He nodded yes. I look down at my late and then back at Liam and the strawberry is gone.  The whole thing!  I look at the plate and ground...no strawberry.  Liam had eaten the whole thing - green leafy part and all!  I was laughing so hard and he just looked at me like, "what?" I guess a little roughage never hurt anyone right?  He didn't complain about the taste at all...just "gulp!" And it was gone.  Maybe that part is tasty after all?


Fish said...

Jude's the man! And Liam - let's change the quote "a picture is a thousand words" to "his eyes are a thousand words"!

Ma said...

I truly love seeing pictures of my
Grandsons; they are truly beautiful and make me smile every time I look at them. Thanks to Karen & Mike for showing them ao many new experiences.

Ma said...

Nothing but "WOW" can be said when looking at Liam. He has a face & smile that will steal anyone's heart