Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Making of Cupcakes

January 31st is a busy day for the Clarke family. Two birthdays - Heather and Dad!  This made Jude so happy.  We knew what we wanted to do for them right away - make cupcakes and sing too, but the cupcakes were first on the list!

Jude was excited to make them, but the real excitement came in the taste test.  We had to make sure it tasted good and they weren't poisonous, right? Jude wasn't the only one that was excited!  Liam nearly exploded with joy at the mention of cupcakes.  Really any mention of any food with sugar has that effect on him.

As you can see above, Liam was so anxious to eat the cupcake I couldn't get a shot of him that wasn't blurry!  The blue plate was Liam's, the yellow was Jude's.  I'm pretty sure that Jude licked his plate clean.  The remaining little crumbs on the plate crack me up because the make a face on the plate that reads, "oh no! no more cupcake!  Reminds me of the latte spill that Julia had!

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