Friday, March 19, 2010

All In A Day's Work

Yesterday was a pretty incredible day:

Easter Egg "Hunt" at church.

Jude showed me that he knows how to blow a bubble with his gum now and he REALLY does!

Liam busted his lip AGAIN! This time the lip is pretty swollen, bruised and contorted. Poor guy, he's clumsy and a dare-devil. Not a good combo.

Today has been a challenge:

Liam slept poorly last night.

Mommy has a major headache even after two cups of coffee.

Jude is way too busy!

Target was a joke because trying to shop while your little one is screaming his head off is not easy.

Did I mention I have a headache?

Jude and I did Resurrection Rolls. I'm amazed at how simple and delicious and fun this was.

Next up, dying Easter Eggs. I must be a glutton for punishment today, but the show must go on!

1 comment:

Fish said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
For being a great mother.
For taking time to share a bit of your moments with our precious grandkids as we take joy from afar.