Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunny Dayz

It's been a crazy winter here in Dallas, Texas. The sun finally decided to peek out the other day and bring temps into the high 60's. Unfortunately Daddy had to work. What's a Mommy to do when it's beautiful outside, she doesn't want to spend money, doesn't have much time, needs to get her kids exhausted and wants to relax too?  She takes her boys to the Dallas Arboretum!

We ran a bit, looked at the frogs and their water spouts a lot and then went to the Japanese water gardens.  The koi fish were a little lazy - I think the water is still cold. But there is this amazing patch of grass right by all the water features that was perfect for laying in the sun and rolling around with the boys. It was so wonderful.  I was having the time of my life.  The sounds of laughter and waterfalls all around was such a delight! Then a guy came up and asked if he could take some pictures of me and the boys enjoying our day.  Sure!  I know what it can be like for budding photographers, right?!

The boys did so great that they got suckers to eat on the way home.  All in all, a pretty successful outing.

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Ma said...

Love the pictures, the sun really highlights their hair and they just look adorable.