Thursday, June 3, 2010

One, Two, Buckle My Shoes...

Precious isn't he? He turned two yesterday and while my heart was full of joy at the amazement of the depth of my love for him, I was also a bit sad. He's not a baby anymore. He's getting so big and he talks all the time...sentences! (I'm pretty sure he's a genius.) Liam is amazing. He has brought so much laughter and love into our home. 

Here are some of Liam's characteristics that we know of thus far: FUNNY, stubborn, strong willed, loving, affectionate when he wants to be (everything is on his terms), silly, mischievous, easily excited, athletic and focused (with a very short attention span.)

At two, Liam loves: Cars the Movie (Maymo aka Mater is his favorite), Monsters Inc., Hot Wheels, "Moomie Nigh Nigh" aka movie night celebrated with popcorn and anything sweet, his brother, doing anything and everything his brother does, balls, his Mommy and Daddy (one more than the other depending on the day), "moogic" aka music, his paci and blankie and being outside. He's also gotten into books a bit lately, taking 2-3 to bed with him each night.

He also LOVES cake, ice cream and well, SUGAR!

Liam's birthday celebration was small... brother, Mommy and Gramma. Daddy came home after a breakfast meeting for pancakes with Liam and then went to work. Liam got a new hot wheel toy from Gramma that he adores and got to go swimming with brother in the kiddie pool. We had cupcakes (as you can see) and sang Happy Birthday - he smiled and sang along. It melts my heart when he sings the birthday song and twinkle twinkle. I just want to eat him up. Anyway, I digress. Liam was running around the house, rant into the dining room table and cut his eye open. It turned slightly black and blue later. We also celebrated with a call from Papa Dude saying he had cut his finger tip off with a saw and was in the ER. Geez! Then, we were getting ready for church and thought Liam might have Hand, Foot and Mouth disease so he stayed at home and watched Monster's Inc. with Gramma. Whewww, what a rough birthday. Thank goodness for the awesome parts of the day!

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