Saturday, June 12, 2010

No Mo "Trailing Wheels"

Friday June 11th: Dallas, Texas. Jude Fish is about to turn 5 and wants his Daddy to take him to the park to try riding his bike without "trailing wheels" aka - training wheels. Liam Fish is hungry and wants to watch a "moomee" aka movie.

Assignment: Dad takes oldest son to the park with bike. Mom readies dinner while youngest watches Peter Pan.

Jude returns happy as a lark riding his bike to and fro without "trailing wheels."

Liam dances all around as Peter Pan saves Tiger Lily. Liam also repeats over and over, "yook Mommy, they are flying" and "chomp, chomp, chomp" (the sound the alligator makes while attacking Hook.)

Daddy has the wonderful idea of celebrating the event with shaved ice snowcones. Jude gets bubblegum (sick) and Mommy and Daddy share Tiger's Blood (yum!)

Upon completions of said snowcones, Jude taught Liam his best karate moves. We had so much fun!  I hope I remember this night and the laughter we shared forever!

Mission: Accomplished

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