Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh Summer - It's a Love/Hate Relationship

Summer is here in full effect and this is the first one in two years that Jude has been with me pretty much every day (no summer school). Jude + HEAT = Mommy Creativity

We've had color week. (Hits and Misses) With a major hit at Target doing a color scavenger hunt! We've had Things that Go! week which brought merry-go-round rides, train rides and train sightings. Liam absolutely loves trains and "Merry-go -gos."

All indoor activities and most of them in the malls. Can you tell Dallas is addicted to shopping? Grapevine Mills was awesome. We rode a train, played in the book store with the trains on the train table, saw an "aligator", watched TONS of fish swim around and saw two huge "elephants"! The animals were motor operated and the kids loved it. Thank you Rain Forest Cafe.

We've also tried a few new things.

Mommy tried to turn food into a camp ground.

Jude attempted color by numbers - this was awesome!  I told him what to do and this is what came out. He colored the numbers only, not the area. Gotta love the mind of a five year old.

Jude also tried some sweet new accessory trends - Power Ranger belt buckle and two different socks (this one is a staple, but the first time it's been caught on film - I think.)


Ma said...

How much better can it get?? These grandsons of mine are just absolutely wonderful and entertain on a daily basis..Thank goodness for a creative Mother. Love you all.

Fish said...

I agree with Ma! The belt buckle is a nice touch - and I'm thinkin' about the two merry-go goes in DM :)