Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The Imagination Zone that is. Today I am so super grateful that God has given me creativity as a means to escape my desire to explode sometimes!  Earlier today the boys were screaming, yelling, crying and all sorts of other yucks. So I told them we were having a Bear Grylls lunch - worms and eyeballs!

I cut up ham and cheese into strips and piled them onto their plates, Then I placed grapes and balled up rolls to the side. The kicker... baby alligator! AKA - giant dill pickle. Once the alligator came into play, we added some alligator poop! AKA - Pirate Booty.

Jude refused to play along and told him he needed to "get in the zone!" He asked what the zone was and I told him, "The Imagination Zone!" And thus a new Fish Family tradition/saying was born!

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Ma said...

Again I love your creativity and I'm sure the boys do as well.
Love you all.