Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Little Fishin and A Movie

Liam found a fishing pole in the garage Friday. We brought it inside to have some fun. There was no fishing line...or so I thought. When Jude saw the pole, he wanted in on the fun. I figured out they both had some line left, so we got their "bait"(bobbers and buttons) all hooked up and the fun began!

You might be wondering if they caught anything... Umm, yes!  Their Pop isn't a fishing guide for nothing and their last name does fit the bill. These boys were destined to catch fish.  Here are the spoils from a long day at the pond:

Later that night we went to an outdoor movie! I had found out earlier through a friend that Whole Foods was having a 30 year birthday bash with cheap pizza, cheap ice cream and cheap beer. Throw in a free outdoor presentation of Back to the Future and you couldn't keep us away.  When we got there we found popcorn, bounce houses and face painting. SCORE!  The boys were so excited! Christmas in September!

Remember I mentioned face painting? The line was LONG, but Jude wanted his face painted so badly. I let him wait in line while we finished dinner. Of coarse Liam had to do whatever brother wanted to do. I was SO proud of them. They waited in that gigantic line for a long time and they were unbelievably patient. They were last ones to get their faces done and the lady even commented on how patient and pleasant they were! Ahhh, that's my boys. They got smiley faces for being so great!

Liam was so excited and proud I couldn't get him to stop moving long enough to say "cheese!"

Pretty tough guy with his "mean face" huh?

My girlfriend Emily took these:

yup, Jude waited in line all that time and he asked the lady to paint his face black. That's all... black. What???
Jude was trying to scare me and Liam, well, just look at that cute face - can you tell he's in heaven? He cried when we washed it off.

The boys sat so sweetly and politely in their chairs Aunt Sister gave them. The movie was awesome.

Unfortunately we had to leave before the movie ended because the boys were so tired. We tried to watch the rest on Netflix with no luck. Instead, we did another 80's flashback with the Karate Kid!  It was a great date night for all involved! 


Fish said...

Super post! Creative boys - patient boys - dog-gone cute boys! Entertaining/loving mom (and dad). I miss them soooooooo!

Ma said...

Have we got "special boys" or what??
Thanks to the creative & patient parents for sharing this incredible time with us. Love you all so much!!!