Monday, September 6, 2010

A Two Week Vacation

August in Texas is HOT! There is nothing that can really cool you down beside as very high electric bill. So, we opted for a two week vacation. Part in Des Moines. Part in Portland (without the boys). Here'a look in photos.

A stop at Braum's on the way to Des Moines!

Des Moines State Fair! Jude and Liam went down the BIGGEST slide I've ever seen with their PapaDude.
Jude taught Grandpa Fish the strangest card game ever. Boy this kiddo has an imagination. Especially since he was playing with drink coasters! Ha ha ha. "Do you have a haunted house?"

Cannon Beach - Haystack Rock. Uh-mazing!
(it deserves another look)

We so wish the boys could have seen this!

There was sea life all around: hermit crabs, starfish, mussels and more.

It was definitely a time to look at God's creation, our marriage and deep within. A worth-while process.

The three images above are the drive back to Portland from Cannon Beach on the 101. It's hard to believe there is this much beauty in one state. But, time to get home to our awesome boys!

Liam. Gotta love him.

There are so many amazing memories that weren't captured on film and many captured by my husband and not me. While in Des Moines we got to have dinner with Grandma Pat and Uncle Karl. We all laughed as the boys fed the ducks and were chased by the geese. All while trying very hard not to step on all the bird poop. Then Grandma, Karl and myself laughed as Adam and the boys ran all over and open field playing chase.  We also got to meet our relatives (Grandma Fish's side of the family) that were in town as well. It was a huge family dinner with a ton of Fishes and California family. So fun. They boys were up til 10:30 or so. Yikes!  We finished our time in Des Moines with an amazing trip to Ledges State Park. It was beautiful. The boys had a great adventure in the water and the woods and I got to pee on a tree. HA! Anna had school and we missed her a ton, but the adventure was one that will not soon be forgotten. Oh, I should totally give Anna a shout out for all the DQ shakes she blessed us with. Yummers! (And if you haven't seen her room redo, check out my other blog on the side bar here.)

Once home, it warmed my heart to see my boys continuing to love on each other. I walked in on Jude reading a book to Liam. He was really reading it - he has that one memorized, but's the gesture that counts. I think it would be impossible to love my family more. I am blessed. Truly blessed. (And this is just part of the family part! There is a ton more Texas & Carolina family and an abundance of friends!) God is good.

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Grandma Pat said...

Really cute Braums pic! Friends were sitting in their car watching all the time the boys were running, said they had never seen such a little one run as fast as Liam was. They didn't notice I was there until we started to leave or would have come to talk. Said "What a nice Daddy to join in all the fun."