Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lovin' Leaves

Jude and Liam had a blast jumping in the leaves yesterday.  I think they played for a full 2 hours in this little pile! The were laughing, running, jumping, sliding. Man, it was good for my soul to see and hear them having so much fun. After Liam went down for his nap, Jude had the biggest grin on his face and kept talking about how much fun he had with his brother.  Thank you Lord for giving me to wonderful boys! Oh, and three cheers to leaves!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Star Wars - The Takeover!

Move over all you other action heroes. There's a new love in town. Star Wars 4, 5 and 6 are the new favorite movies for Jude. At least that what he says. He still can't sit through a single one of them. I think he mainly likes them because all the other boys his age are obsessed and because he had to be a "big boy" before he could watch it. Insert one small step into manhood here! Sniff, sniff! He got a new costume (Captain Rex - Clone Wars) with his money that he has saved up from each of you giving a dollar here and there. Thank you - I think. Gramma got both boys their very own light sabers and now the obsession, much like the force, is strong it is.

The other night Adam had to work late and I didn't feel like cooking (what's new). So we had pancakes. If that wasn't wonderful enough for the boys, we made them green and called them Yoda pancakes. Awww yeah - insert 15 coolness points for Mommy! They were a HUGE hit! Sweet! Who knew something so simple could bring such happiness? Thank you green food coloring!

Don't worry family, and villains, there is still a love for other super heroes. Just look at this...

Seriously, all you "bad guys" don't stand a chance in the Fish House. We're a fierce group! Oh, and if you're wondering why Liam has on big boy undies, it's because he is officially potty trained! Woo-hoo! Many thanks to Pull-ups, the patience of Job and Lemon Heads! 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat: Double Vision

That much anticipated time of year has come and gone. It's Jude's favorite time of year and the holiday that seems to come everyday at our house: Halloween. Tricks are provided daily by the boys. Treats unfortunately requested daily by the boys. So when the "official day" came, the excitement was not what I expected.

Things finally began to look up at the party that was full of boys dressed head to toe in Star Wars costumes, food, candy and bounce houses.  Awesome!  Thanks to the Jeters and the Rasmussens (the following night) Halloween was a success.