Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We like Summer

Summer is almost over. It's kind of hard to believe, especially with 100+ degree days hanging around. Tonight the boys did all the things kids are supposed to do in the summer... stayed up late, had a friend over for play-time and dinner, watched a movie and acted completely crazy. (As I type this, I hear Liam singing one of his favorite summer pop songs. ha ha ha) Summer? Why do you have to end so soon?

School starts in 4.5 weeks. I'm doing my best to pray and hold back the tears and anxiety, while embracing the moments that are slipping away all too fast.

Ahhh...the DMA. For more peeks into our DMA adventure check out Pure and Noble. We had so much fun!

Family getaways will be left to the weekends. ONLY. Boo hoo hoo.
And handmade pirate adventures will be left to me and Liam - I hope. Boy, he's gonna miss his best-buddy! I think he might have the hardest time of all with this change.  But, he'll be starting school too and I think he's gonna love it.
They grow up fast. Never has this been so evident than right now. Sigh...

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