Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Fun & Silliness

 Above is what a long day of play and superhero fighting brings about...laziness/rest time!

Jude walked out the other day with his underwear pulled up near his armpits.  Ahhh ha ha ha...we laughed so hard! Not to be left out, Liam quickly joined in and pulled up his shirt to show his undies. ha ha ha - anything for a laugh.

My friend/neighbor across the street (Sarah) used to be an Elementary school art teacher. So this Summer, she and I are doing a little co-op switcher-roo.  She takes the boys for an hour and teaches art, I take her boys for an hour and play superheroes, cars, and sports.  It's so awesome and the boys are loving it.

Not gonna deny it...I'm gonna miss having Jude home with me everyday. I don't think I'm allowing my heart to go there just yet.


Fish said...

You "everyday life" is special to see :)
In the "Captain Underpants" photo the facial feature Liam has similar to Jude's are amazingly clear!
Such sweet and fun boys!
As always -thanks for sharing!

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