Wednesday, December 16, 2009's cold!

Oh my snowed in Texas before it snowed in Iowa! We woke up one morning last week to our usual alarm clock - Jude breathing in my face saying, "I'm hungry, but I need to go pee first. Okay?" So, I slowly rolled out of bed and then I hear, "Mom, it's snowing outside! Does that mean it's Christmas?" He wishes! Geeze that kid can't wait to get his gifts! Can we for just one minute focus on the reason for Christmas? Hello??? Our King and Savior! As much as I try, he doesn't get it. Then I remember, he's four and it will come. I just can't give up! Oh gosh, I digress. Sorry.
Liam wakes up and immediately focuses outside and says, "oohhhhhh!!!" They were so cute watching each snowflake fall to the ground!

Then, in typical Texas fashion, the sun came out and within two to three days we were back in the 70's. Time to put on the glasses!

On another note, I almost wet my pants laughing so hard at Adam the other night! He shaved his beard into a lovely mustache. I bet him $100 that he wouldn't wear the "stache" to church. his reply was, "who cares, it's our money anyway!" Ever so practical! Anyway, when Adam plays with his hair he does this funny thing with his bangs and this rolled look is the end result. So stinkin' funny I had to take pictures. As you can see, he wasn't amused!

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