Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Buried Treasure

I haven't blogged in a while and it has absolutely nothing to do with my lack of things to post! The holidays have just been so darn busy that I can't seem to take the time to sit a the computer. Kind of a nice problems to have. God has really answered prayer, as I have been asking Him to make me more of a doer vs. a looker. This year I actually made most of our Christmas gifts and finally made the boys stockings! Hooray!

Anyway, I have been meaning to post this for two weeks now. The other day was a beautiful Texas Fall day and the boys and I decided to play outside. We were swinging and running and sliding in the backyard and suddenly we became pirates protecting a buried treasure on the high-seas. Below is a pic of the buried booty.

Then a few days later, as I am doing the dishes and the boys are playing in Jude's room, I hear this from Jude,"Liam, just come here! Come here and let me get it. You have an oogie in your nose. Hang on! I can get it!" Liam is wailing, as he HATES having his nose wiped. I am thinking all is normal until I go into Jude's room and see that Jude has his finger so far up Liam's little nose that I am quite sure he is poking Liam's brain! It was VERY hard not to fall on the floor laughing but I managed and was able to thank Jude for his help and politely ask him to remove his finger from his brother's nose!

Gosh, what an incredible journey God has me on!

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