Saturday, April 10, 2010

Farewell Old Friend

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we announce the death of our beloved Pinky Toe.  He was a good fish and we will miss him very much. Yesterday we saw the first signs of Pinky Toe and his demise. He wasn't swimming around happily like he usually did. He was just floating up to the top of the water for air and then going into his house.

When we told Jude that PT was sick and might not make it, he got very upset. He began to cry (pretty hard) poor little guy.  Jude has such a sweet and sensitive heart. It is a gift that allows him to love his brother and others so well and something that will probably cause him great pain in the future. We explained that PT would go to heaven to be with God and his other family members. Jude's response, "sniff, sniff..." Then I told Jude that Pinky Toe would probably be swimming in a HUGE bowl with gold pebbles and rubies and that all his food would probably taste like cupcakes. Jude looked up at me with big eyes and gave me a big chuckle! Then asked, "really?" "Sure" I said, "why's heaven!"

After Jude settled down a bit, we said some prayers for God's will to be done and asked Him to take good care of PT if it was "his time to go." Then the doorbell rang. It was Miss Amanda, the boys' babysitter, and after a minute or so, all was right in the world again.

Today we said a few words, Adam did a mouth trumpet version of Taps and we flushed Pinky Toe (Spiderman Pinky Toe Fish) down the toilet. Farewell Old Friend...we will miss you.

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Ma said...

I called Pop and told him about Pinky Toe and he too was saddened by the news. We feel Jude will adjust well and will have many more pets in the future but PT will still hold the spot as Jude's "first pet".