Friday, April 2, 2010

Cloudy Inside and Out

Well, we're at day 5 without Daddy and it's really getting to all of us! Praise the Lord he comes home today, barring any horrible weather. We're suppose to get thunderstorms here today; it's super cloudy and windy.  I was all ready to head out the door to make a Target run when I realized I jut didn't have it in me to take two fussy boys to the store. We decided to stay home and did the following:

1. Tent with glow sticks and popcorn!

2. Color - sorry no pics.

3. Dance like crazy people with the music so loud we could barely hear one another. (jude just runs around and tells me I'm not allowed to dance! Nice!)

4. Dinosaur pills! You just drop the capsules in super hot water and wait for the foam dino to pop out!

5. Watch Mater the Greater, Mater Rescue Squad and Tokyo Mater on YouTube!

It's now 12:40 and both boys are down for naps. That is where I'm headed too! I'll post pictures later when the camera battery gets recharged. After naps we're dying more Easter Eggs!

Other things we did earlier in the week while Daddy was gone:

plant herbs

get new sand for the sandbox

play with friends

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