Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hip Hoppin' Fun

Easter - it's filled with so much more than it needs to be.  I am so glad we did the resurrection rolls this year.  That will be a tradition from this point forward.  Bunnies, baskets, candy, etc. Geeze - it's almost like another Christmas.

This year and last were so much fun. I am guessing it will get better with each year the boys age, until they outgrow it.  Last year we were with the Fishes on Easter. Missed them this year. This year, my family came over and spent the day with us.  I hope and pray the Rasmussens will join us next year. (I did a very poor job on invites this year - sorry Karen!)  So, since over  half of you missed out on the fun this year...thought I would do a recap through images and a few notes because there were some really notable moments!

We went to church Saturday night!  It was PACKED! This left Easter Sunday wide open - nice! We had family over for brunch, easter egg hunting and a movie.

Baskets: check

Shooting hoops to warm up for the hunt:

Found a beautiful robin's feather while warming up:

Hunting and helping hunt!:

The sweet scores:

Eating the found treasures:

Please note the blue drool that is forming on Liam's shirt and dripping out of his mouth. He opened about 4 eggs in a row shoving the contents of each directly into his mouth with minimal chewing! I had to pull a wad of jelly beans out of his mouth because it was stuck in his teeth and he couldn't swallow the wad was so big! See the photo above? I'm pretty sure he was about to choke!

Jude actually showed a little more reserve this year. He's getting so big.  He said, "I think I'll wait a little and eat more later so my tummy doesn't get sore." Good idea!

A movie (The Blind Side) and cupcakes took place for the "big kids" while Liam napped! (Jude surprised us by putting on his football jersey since the movie had a lot of football in it!)  My mom use to make us an Easter bunny cake every year with coconut, icing and jelly beans.  This is a treasured memory for me and below is my version for the boys. We will also include our resurrection rolls every year! I don't want them thinking that Easter is about eggs and bunnies. It is about new life, hope and the promise of a future with our King forever! Amen!

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Fish said...

Looks like a great time! I bet Jude has grown an easy inch physically! Hugs and laughter from us!