Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Update

No need to adjust your screen, the cake only looks like it's on fire.  Adam turned the big 34 on the 20th so we needed a LOT of candles. Karen and Jude baked a cake and The Fishes drove down from Iowa for a surprise visit. He had no clue - we really got him this time. 
Liam and Doola had breakfast together every morning while Adam and I slept in.  I guess I kind of got a birthday gift too huh? Liam was so sweet, every time he looked at Julia he got a huge smile on his face and sucked in air in while making funny noises and causing himself to choke! So stinkin' cute!
We played a little baseball in the backyard.  Ok, Dave, Jude and Julia played while Adam took photos and Anna and I chilled with Liam.  It was a beautiful day and very relaxing. Too bad we can't see Aunt Anna face here - she is so beautiful (inside and out.)
The bad guys always seem to attack while Pappa Dude is here.  Therefore, he and Jude are forced to fight crime.  Jude kicked Daddy aka "Shimber B. Tingers" right in the throat.  I think we watched a little too much Kung Fu Panda!
Julia shot this one of the boys having fun in the tub. I love that they make each other laugh so hard.  But I love even more that if I need to kill an hour during the day, I can stick them in the tub and they think it's the best thing ever. Thank the Lord for little blessings.

We had so much fun while The Fishes were here; we were all sad to see them go. Come back soon you guys!

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