Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sing A Long

Last Thursday was Jude's last day of school for the Spring Semester.  The 3 year old classes put on a Singalong for the parents, so Pop and Ma came to see the show.  Jude didn't know they were coming so instead of singing with all the other kids he was talking to Pop and Ma and Liam.  "Are you coming to my house after this?"  "Liam is staring at me!" "Why is everyone looking at me?" "Look at Liam and Pop and Ma." "Mommy, are Pop and Ma coming to my house for a long time?" Seriously kiddo?  Sing, would ya?!

This is Jude and his teacher Ms. Cathy.  I love her and she loves Jude and Liam.  I am praying we get in her class for Summer School.
This is Ms. Sheridan.  She has tried and tried to nurture Jude's craft skills and desire for the arts this year but all he wants to do is play super heroes with Jackson and Mitchell.
This is Jackson!  Can you feel the love?
Jude and Eva are on the far left.  They both did more talking than singing.  Shannon and I were cracking up!
Now that's just good stuff right there.  Warms my heart!  My Dad, Pop, is the only guy other than Daddy that can pick Liam up without him crying!  There's a bond there.  

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