Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Really?  Does it get any sweeter than this?  I had to wake Liam up yesterday morning to keep him on his schedule and this is what I found upon opening the door.  I love this little guy.  He's so cute with his paci and all snuggled up with his lovies.
We had community dinner at a friend's Dad's house the other night and his garden was full of beautiful flowers.  Above is a small sampling.  Lucky me, I got to take some home!
Jude is officially going pro!  He has the jersey, NBA cuffs and headband and an official ball.  Now if he could just get his lay up down and grow 4 feet or so!
Walking to the park on Monday turned out to be more adventurous than we planned.  Jude wanted to take us to the "new" park and on the way he was playing with a chain link fence rather than watching where he was going and tripped over a big rock.  I was ahead of him with Liam, but when I heard the hollow thud, I locked Liam's wheels and ran to get my big baby!  It was so scary.  I thought for sure he had split his head open.  Thankfully, the Lord has blessed him with one seriously hard noggin!  He came away with lots of tears, a scraped nose and big lump and raspberry on his forehead.  My poor guy.  I can still hear the noise in my head and it makes me sick to my stomach!  I guess when you're four it doesn't occur to you to put your hands in front of you rather than falling directly onto your face!

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