Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things are changing...

And I don't like it!!!!  Not one bit.  The first year of Liams' life was pretty laid back once we got past the first 6 weeks of the breast milk crisis.  Everyone commented often on just how laid back Liam was.  I would smile and say, "I know, God gives you what you can handle and I can't handle much so I prayed for both my boys to have their Father's disposition."

Well, that was then and this is now.  Liam has decided that he has an opinion about pretty much everything.  And in his world, that encompasses food, play time and sleep.  The sleep is managed pretty well for the most part.  But, the food thing and play thing is getting a little crazy.  If he doesn't want something he lets me know about it by screaming, pointing at what he DOES want, pushing things out of his way or spitting it out of his mouth.  Lovely.  Yesterday Jude tried to take something away from him and Liam tried to bite Jude.  What?

I think he is going through some type of new developmental stage or something.  He desperately wants to walk and can't, and he wants to talk so badly.  Poor guy, he just doesn't realize that he can't do the things that everyone else in his world is already doing!   How frustrating is that?  But I have to be honest, if he screams or pushes my hand away while I'm feeding him just one more time, I may officially lose my mind!

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