Thursday, July 2, 2009

If you can't stand the heat...

Make your sand box a pool!  It's freakin' hot here and the need to stay inside all day long is killing us.  I love the image above and the several others that I captured of this special moment. Liam is learning how to stand on his own and Jude is more than eager to help him out.  I am so blessed to have two boys that love one another so much.
The proud big brother and the little achiever!  This didn't last long though.  Once I snapped the photo Liam stood for another second or two and then PLOP! back down in the water.
I think that if Liam could talk he would be saying, "look, if you're going to shoot me, I'm outta here!"  They had so much fun playing in the pool and I had so much fun watching.  Life has been really great with the boys lately.  I have been praising the Lord every day that I have these two amazing little boys and that I have been able to thoroughly enjoy them lately.
Boys can not bet kept indoors - especially Jude!  Thank goodness Aunt Sister gave us TWO sandboxes when Jude turned 2 and that we never got rid of this one - we had never used it before this.

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