Thursday, July 2, 2009


Notice the proximity of Jude's chair to Laim's highchair.  This was not set up for the photo - just ask Papa Dude!  When Jude loves someone, I mean REALLY loves someone, he wants to be all up in their business all the time.  Jude doesn't get to see Papa Dude as much as he would like so while he's in Texas, this is how close Jude is to him! ha ha ha.  When it's just the four of us, this is how close Jude is to Liam every single solitary time we are at the kitchen table!  But, with that has come this cute little thing the boys do with their heads. They lean on one another and love on each other.  The image above captures one of those precious moments.

On to some serious's bad guy battle time and they better watch out!  Jude was shooting his new yellow (current favorite color) watergun that Jamesy gave him and I asked him to give me a mean face that would show the bad guys that he means business.  This is what I got.  I'm scared, are you?
tee hee - just a little fun in action.  He's getting so big.  boo hoo hoo.  Every time I look at him lately I am reminded of how quickly they grow up.  Mmmm - soak it in - every minute.  That is my Summer '09 motto.

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